The sculptor Patrick Ropars was born on the French Riviera. Very early, he learned the techniques of blacksmithing, boilermaking, welding and metal machining. He likes to say he has, since then, been following “intensive and constant academic training at the University of curiosity on spontaneous experimental creativity.”

He lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Listed in the Directory of Canadian Visual Artists, Patrick Ropars was a member of several art associations, including the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec. He is also a founding member of the Groupe des 15 (Group of 15).

Armand Vaillancourt and Patrick Ropars | Photo : Émilie Pelletier
Armand Vaillancourt and Patrick Ropars | Photo : Émilie Pelletier

In 2010, internationally renowned Canadian sculptor Armand Vaillancourt (left) went to Mr. Ropars’ workshop to meet with him and discuss his work as a pewter sculptor.

The work of this self-taught artist is strongly inspired and influenced by his passion for the abysmal world of Jules Verne, the starry universe of Galileo and the mystical legends of the ancient astronauts.

Patrick Ropars works and creates his pewter sculptures without any preamble. He trusts his hands to transform the sheet of pewter, through spontaneous emotions, into art. His personality, his technical mastery as well as the aesthetics and originality of his work (every sculpture is unique, 1/1) leave no one indifferent!

Over the years, his pewter sculptures were acquired by number of buyers: art lovers and contemporary art collectors, public agencies, private companies, professional studies… Some of his works have also found takers at charity auctions.

Patrick Ropars’s pewter sculptures have been exhibited in several art galleries in Canada and in France. In 2011, he was invited for an art show at Marie-Laure Demaria’s gallery in Biot, and at the Municipal Gallery of Marennes, both in France. The artist also exhibited his work in many cultural venues in Canada.

Some of his sculptures have been produced live before the public as a part of private events – notably in 2009 at Galerie Galera Contemporary Art, in the Lanaudière region of Canada, a gallery that represented Patrick Ropars for 4 years – and in the context of public cultural events in the region.

Meanwhile, other pewter sculptures were created to meet various call for submissions from the commissioners of various thematic museum exhibitions. His works have found their place, through the Group des 15, in a 3-month exhibition the Joliette Art Museum in 2012. They have then travelled throughout the D’Autray area in 2012-13 during the Group of 15’s touring exhibition. Patrick Ropars’ works have also been featured in the 2011 edition of the Bas-Saint-Laurent Museum’s annual Postal Art Symposium, as well as in the Saint-Gabriel House and Historic Site’s exhibition, Tourism Montreal | Pewter: an alloy of art and life.

Also in 2011, two of Patrick Ropars’ pewter sculptures have won a Gold medal and a Great distinction, awarded by a jury of professional artists, at the second international exhibition of the Francophone Cultures Festival in Marennes, France. Both his sculptures were featured in the exhibition named Diversity in the arts.

The work and progress of the contemporary artist Patrick Ropars were the subject of reports in regional newspapers in Quebec and in France and in various magazines, blogs and local television broadcasts. Among others, a public demonstration at Galerie Galera Contemporary Art in 2009, broadcast on CRTB-TV, and an interview on the D’Art en art show on TVRM in 2011. In February 2016, Mr. Ropars was interviewed on Radio Centre-Ville, Montreal, an interview that was also filmed and streamed on the show’s website.

Patrick Ropars, self-taught sculptor, is definitely an artist to follow and that will be remembered.

His copper sculptures are represented by Linart Gallery.