Artistic Process

For several years I worked with clay and copper.

At the turn of the 21st century, I was looking for an original material that would allow me to materialize my creative thought into a modern and original work of abstract art that stands out from everything that has been made before in contemporary sculpture. I was looking for a material that could allow to meet my creative goals, surprise me, surpass myself, but also challenge my audience: the collectors and modern art lovers in search of novelty. My dream was to get the public to discover my sculptures, interact with them at exhibitions and studio visits. I wanted the audiences to question their shape, aesthetics, design, decorative potential and names (Mandrake, Viva Galileo, Saltimbanco…). I was also looking for a medium that would allow some of my sculptures to reveal several appearances when turned around on themselves and, sometimes, tell a story to the public (see Dorsalités Marines). Pewter offered me this opportunity.

Why choose to work with a metal straight out of the Middle Ages, long hidden behind our mirrors or in other household uses? Because this metal, while seen as malleable, is not as easy to work as one might think. It offered the opportunity to meet new challenges, to express my creative impulses, to innovate and experiment. I was able, by transforming the pewter sheet into original works of arts, to develop a new technical approach to the sculpture of this ancient metal.

This technique of my own, namely folding by the sheer force of my hands and hammering, resembles the work of the alchemist, one that transforms the material by giving it shape and meaning.

Throughout the creative process, during which I gave free rein to my imagination, I never lost sight of my creative commitment to the art lover and the seasoned collector. I therefore proposed to them, over the years, an original work of abstract art (1/1) which fulfills its role to decorate their living or professional environment, or that of their friends.

Throughout the creative process, I keep in mind the first goal I set myself: my sculptures should provide their buyers as much fun and excitement as I felt while shaping them.

Buying the work of a living artist is not only sharing one’s love of art with him, but also allowing him to keep creating while investing in the continuity of his work.